From the beginning, we have focused on providing purebred livestock, semen and embryos, to our customers, with these principles:

The range of our breeding cattle involvement extends across cow/calf production, life-long performance tracking of sires, dams, and progeny, and, via retained ownership practices, carcass quality and yield assessment of our farm produce. We span the entire scope of the cattle industry with this approach. Our genetics produce some of the finest Murray Grey purebred cattle available globally, and our beef is always in demand, with a waiting list of customers.

Spectrum Farm History

In 1974 we purchased a small, run-down, 40 acre farm in SE Ohio, in the foothills of the Appalachian mountains. There were no fences, barns, or other outbuildings. The soil pH ranged from 4.6 to 5.4 across the property, and it was overgrown with scrub trees, multiflora rose, and poverty grass.

In addition to our off-farm careers, we spent the next several years focusing on land renovation. Considerable work went into mowing, liming, reseeding with cool-season forages, some fertilization, and upgrading the land in the worst condition, plus some fence building along the way. Starting in 1980, we were able to make and sell hay from this initial tract of renovated land.

Our First MG Cow, Nishepo Margie,
Cinnamon Bear's Dam

Nishepo Margie

Spectrum Farm began operation as a purebred cattle producer with the purchase of three purebred Murray Grey cow/calf pairs. One of the calves from these first three pairs, Spectrum Cinnamon Bear, was our initial predominant herd sire.

To build our herd, we selectively purchased MG females from both the USA and Canada. We used some artificial insemination to expand our genetics. Primarily, however, we have purchased bulls from Canada (and now, Australia), to round out our genetic base.

Spectrum Cinnamon Bear

Spectrum Cinnamon Bear

Spectrum Cows in Switchgrass

Today, we maintain our cattle through rotational grazing and minerals, but with minimal grain supplements.

Our product line has expanded to include semen and embryos, as well as live cattle, primarily weaned calves and yearlings, plus some bred cows, or cow/calf pairs, from either our Spectrum or Made Right studs. (To find out more about how Made Right came to be a part of Spectrum Farm, click on the photo at left.)

2003 Calves

All of our breeding cattle sales are by private treaty, and our semen and embryos are shipped internationally to individual cattle operations. We specialize in matching our products to the specific needs of each customer.

We hope that exploring our web site will lead you to contact us for your cattle genetic and/or beef needs. Whether international friends or "next-door neighbors," all are encouraged and welcome to visit Spectrum Farm.

A few Spectrum Farm yearling females in 2003

2003 Yearling Females

John and Mary Ellen Wozny





Then in 1983, after six years of multi-breed study and comparison, we selected Murray Grey as our breed because Murray Greys supplied characteristics essential to our business:
+ calving ease
+ efficiency of forage/feed utilization
+ ease of management,
   including natural polledness
+ gentle disposition
+ high quality and yield carcass
+ flavorful and tender meat

Our operation grew through the 1980's, including acquisition of the 40 acres abutting the south boundary of the initial farm. In 1994, the southeastern 10 acres of the farm were converted into a permanent warm-season pasture, by a planting of Cave-in-Rock switchgrass. (To find out more about the switchgrass project, click on this photo of our cows in the switchgrass field.)

Thank you for your interest in our web site, Spectrum Farm, and the Murray Grey breed.

Welcome to Spectrum Farm  
for the best Murray Grey
Beef Cattle, Semen, and Embryos!

John & Mary Ellen Wozny
PO Box 112
Coolville, OH 45723-0112

Phone: 740-667-6191
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Spectrum Farm for Top Quality Murray Grey Beef Cattle and Genetics

Top Quality Murray Grey Beef Cattle & Genetics

Corey at 5.5 years, 2800 lbs, ready for breeding

Update 9/13/17  -- All female calves this year!  First time in about 40 years of breeding Murray Greys.